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What is Repiping?

When you are repiping a home or building in Corona, CA, this involves replacing the entire indoor hot and cold water distribution system, including branch lines and main lines. If the plumber does a good job, then he will include all cut-off valves (fixtures and main), and supply tubes. If you are considering a bathroom remodel then this would be a good time to replace old fixtures or valves; they’ll already be disconnected for the repiping job. In some instances, the water main outside that feeds water to your home, may need to be replaced as well.

Piping Repiping in Corona, CA
Things to consider…

Since repiping is such an extensive job, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, to avoid a disastrous repiping situation:

  • Hire a licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing contractor, specializing in repiping, like the experts at Inland Empire Plumbing in Corona, CA.
  • To avoid potential danger and large fines from the County or City, inspections and permits must be obtained.
  • Repiping has to meet code requirements for materials, workmanship and sizing.
  • Sometimes during repiping, parts of a wall or ceiling will need to be opened up for better reach; find out ahead of time, which party will be responsible for closing up and repairing the damage.
  • Find out beforehand, what kind of piping materials will be used for your repiping.
  • Be informed about how the piping is going to be routed and secured, and if any of the piping will be exposed.
What is Repiping in Corona, CA
  • Make sure you understand how much of the piping will be replaced, whether they will replace everything, or replace only the pipes; not replacing dishwasher feeds, stops or fixture supplies could lead to more leaks down the line.
  • Get proposals in writing, so there are no misunderstandings about repairs and costs; remember, accepting lower bids to save money, may cost you more money long term. Make sure that you get a proposal from Inland Empire Plumbing so you can see how our repiping specialists outrun the competition.

If you want a professional repiping job, that can add value to your home, don’t go with the “bargain” contractors because you will definitely get what you pay for. Skip the mess and the headaches and get it done right the first time.

Repiping Services in Corona, CA

Should I Repipe my Home?

If you are experiencing any of the following signs in your home, then it may be time for a repiping:

Poor water volume or water pressure

Does your shower water get too hot if someone flushes the toilet? Does it take forever to fill your sink with water? When your water is running, does the volume change when someone else turns on water? Does water trickle out of your faucets?

If this happens, call Inland Empire Plumbing in Corona, CA for a free evaluation and estimate. Your poor water pressure could be caused by aging, galvanized steel piping that is rusting closed, restricting water-flow, like a hardened artery restricts the flow of one’s blood.

Repiping a Home in Corona, CA
Red, rusty looking water

This could be a result of the same problem mentioned above—galvanized pipes that are rusting away. You should also take note of these side effects of rusting pipes:

  • Rust particles and minerals plugging up your valves, dishwashers, faucets, toilets, etc.
  • Staining on fixtures and finishes.
  • Rust minerals and particles are extremely unhealthy for your body, even more so when ingested.
Leaking or Corroded Pipes

If your pipes are exposed around basements, water heaters, or underneath your framed house, this sign can be clearly visible. In most instances though, pipes are buried under concrete slabs, inside of walls, or just underground; this makes it nearly impossible for homeowners to know the condition of their pipes...that is, until a leak has sprung.

Copper tubing is prone to leaking as well, and their leaks will usually begin as a pinhole leak, growing larger until finally noticed, either as above-ground water, by “hearing” the leak, or rising water bills.

If you choose not to repipe this time, remember that it is INEVITABLE, and you should decide whether you want to incur the cost now, or after a considerable amount of damage has been done to your home.

NOTE: It is best to do your research and price-shop when it isn’t an emergency situation.

Types of Water Piping in Corona, CA

Water Piping Services in Corona, CA

Types of Water Piping

Galvanized Steel

This is typically only found in older homes in Corona, CA, since copper tubing took over in the 1950’s. It is rarely used in indoor piping anymore, due to its inevitable rusting that leads to poor water pressure and water quality; it can still be found sometimes, feeding water to homes through old water mains. If you have copper pipes, but still are experiencing low water pressure, it could be an old water main.

Copper Tubing

Copper has been the prevalent piping material since the 1950’s when it replaced galvanized steel. It was thought to last as long as the structure it inhabits, but it was found that depending on the acidity and corrosive minerals of the water, the lifespan can vary greatly. Wall-thickness of the tubing can also affect life of the tubing and it comes in 3 different thicknesses:

  • Type “K” is the thickest of the copper tubing; it is expensive and difficult to cut or solder, so it isn’t used often in home. Generally used for commercial and industrial application.
  • Type “L” is the “mid-wall” thickness, and is found in many homes, as it is the most popular.
  • Type “M” is the thinnest tubing, and has been used in a lot of water piping; it is about as thin-walled as an eggshell. If the water supply is highly corrosive, then these pipes may only last a few years, but if it is good quality water, they could last almost as long as the structure itself.
Piping Materials in Corona, CA
PVC Pipe

This is a plastic white pipe that is popularly used outside for irrigation and water mains. It is a durable material that is non-corrosive and inexpensive; it fuses the pipes and fittings together using a special primer and glue. Since it doesn’t corrode from chlorine, it is especially popular for use in swimming pool plumbing. There are different thicknesses for different applications in and out of the home.


Another plastic pipe; it is specially formulated for use with hot water lines, but cannot be exposed to sunlight. Its walls are thinner than PVC, and like PVC, uses special cement and primer to fuse the pipes and fittings together. Since it is so inexpensive, able to handle hot water AND cold water, it can be used for piping in certain parts of the world, but not often; its thin walls and brittle nature make it more laborious to assemble, as it can be easily broken. It is mostly used by DIY “plumbers”, as its use is restricted in many jurisdictions.

Pex Pipe

( – PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) has become the plumber’s #1 choice of piping. It has far more advantageous qualities than metal or plastic piping, such as being faster to install, fewer connections and fittings, as well as:

Should I Repipe my Corona, CA Home?
  • Flexibility
    PEX is hard to kink, which makes it an ideal repiping material, as it can fit better into difficult areas, with less labor, fewer fittings and reduces damage.
  • Fewer joints
    Fewer joints mean less flow restriction, smaller chance of leaks and cheaper to install.
  • No Glue, Cement or Primer
    Meaning an “odor free” installations, and no dangerous fumes to inhale. No solvents will be creeping into your water system, which is good news for your body.
  • Superior Material
    Pex is non-corrosive and resilient, that means no more pinhole leaks or nasty rust getting into your water supply.

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