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Basic Plumbing Information in Ontario, CA

Do you know what’s lurking behind your walls and beneath your floors in Ontario, CA?

A basic understanding of your plumbing system, and how it works, will help enhance your communication with plumbers and allow you to better maintain your system long term.

Drainage, Waste and Vent Plumbing Systems in Ontario, CA

If you’ve ever noticed the pipes that poke up through your roof, those are your vent pipes. They help promote proper draining through the equalization of air pressure within your drainage system. It is basically acts like a straw that can control whether drainage is slow and choppy or smooth and quick.

For efficient drainage in Ontario, CA, pipes need to be sized and vented properly; if you have slow, stopped up or choppy drainage, call the plumbing professionals at Inland Empire Plumbing. We are the experts on healthy drainage, waste and vent systems.

Plumbing System in Ontario, CA

Drain Traps in Ontario, CA

Have you looked under your sink, to see what is going on down there? You may have noticed a goose-neck style pipe that is directly connected to the bottom of your sink. This is called a plumbing trap or “p-trap”, named for its unique shape. While it may seem like it does nothing but leak and get plugged up, it actually serves a very important purpose:

The curved shape of the p-trap allows it to hold water that will act as a seal between you and the nasty sewer odors and bugs lurking in your drain system. Living in suburban city areas means that we are all connected to the same sewer system, so you can probably imagine how bad the smells can get. Those sewer odors and fumes can be seriously dangerous, as it is a methane gas, which is HIGHLY flammable and toxic.

Drainage System in Ontario, CA

If you notice a lingering sewer gas odor, it is important that you immediately ventilate the area and call the plumbing experts at Inland Empire Plumbing in Ontario, CA.

TIP: If you leave your home for extended periods of time, it would be in your best interest to have your house checked at least once a week, and have water run through all your household drains, to ensure that those traps keep a safe level of water in them. If the “seal” evaporates, then all those harmful gasses will be unleashed throughout your home. You can also have your pipes “winterized” by filling them filled with a non-evaporating product, like RV antifreeze.

Water Distribution Systems in Ontario, CA

Drainage is part of the plumbing puzzle, but another important piece is the distribution of your water supply. Water sources can either be a municipal water system or a private well, and for those who are connected to a public water system, they are provided a monthly water statement. Their water is supplied to a water meter that is usually near the street, and flow through a water main to your house, typically a 1” PVC pipe, depending on the volume that is required. Most of these systems will also require some sort of backflow prevention device to protect the public water supply in Ontario, CA.


When the main feed reaches your home, it flows through the main water cut-off valve. Some things to consider:

  • Find out exactly where your main cut-off is and how to operate it. If there is ever a water-emergency, this could save you from a major flooding issue. Contact your plumber if you are unsure where your cut-off valve is location.
  • If you are leaving your home for longer than 48 hours, it is in your best interest to shut off the water supply to your home, unless you have someone checking on your home regularly.

Inside your home, the water will branch off into a series of pipes in your water distribution system, in order to supply water to each of your plumbing fixtures and faucets. The hot water fixtures are supplied by a separate-but-similar distribution system, which comes from the water heater.

Plumbing Experts in Ontario, CA

For underground piping, your supply lines should always have proper insulation as they run through the concrete slab, to avoid potential leaks from the corrosive elements of the concrete and wear-down of the pipes that results from irregular expansion and contraction.

Each of your home’s fixtures needs to have their own cut-off valve (supply stopper), so if you experience a leak, it will be easier to isolate the individual element, rather than shut off the water to your entire house.

Fixtures and Faucets in Ontario, CA

There is a lot more to your plumbing system, than just the fixtures you can “see”. Water systems, drainage, waste and vents are all an important part of the system; most of which, you can’t see without searching for them.


Your faucets and fixtures are the end result of all the plumbing efforts and design, and this is also the point in the process where you get to add your own personality to the mix. There are a variety of styles and finishes to complement anyone’s personal tastes. While style is visually appealing, water conservation and product quality are the most important variables to consider. Keeping these things in mind while you decide your style will help improve the resale value of your home, while allowing you to enjoy the benefit of water-savings and peace of mind.

Regular care and maintenance will help keep your plumbing system operating in the best possible manner, and when you need assistance with your plumbing issues, trust the pros at Inland Empire Plumbing in Ontario, CA, to know what is best, and provide the best work for your “buck”. Contact us anytime for a free estimate, and prompt, friendly service. We’ll keep your system running, leaving nothing behind but your satisfied smile.

Septic Tank Service in Ontario, CA

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