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Do you have a slow, clogged or drain problem of any kind? Call the experts at Inland Empire Plumbing to get your drains running fast and smoothly. Whether residential, industrial or commercial, there is no job that is too big or small for our drain professionals and their specialized clog-busting equipment.

A thorough drain cleaning requires the right amount of skill and the right equipment for drains that stay clog-free long term. If you are experiencing a drain problem, here are some tips for choosing the right company for your fix:

Drain Cleaning
Don’t let “anybody” fix your drain!

Drain cleaning isn’t a luxurious job, and it isn’t easy either; for inexperienced or poorly-equipped plumbers, it’s tremendously difficult – and messy! Many plumbers are known to do “rush jobs” in order to maximize their client load, whereas other times, that plumber just happened to be the closest available guy, who may or may not have the equipment necessary to fix the problem.

When this happens, you are often left with a plumber who uses whatever tools he has on hand, to clear the clog, then moves on. This does nothing for lasting prevention, and often times, the clog will reoccur within a short period of time. What we’ve found is that most of these plumbers are simply not cleaning the drain thoroughly enough, whether through improper equipment, lack of effort, or undersized cleaning heads; unclogging a drain and cleaning a drain line are two different things. The skilled drain cleaning professionals at Inland Empire Plumbing know the difference, and will use the right equipment to fix your problem long-term.

The following is a list of the most common drain cleaning jobs and their likely causes:

Drain Professionals

Kitchen Sink Clogs

This is most common, as it is the most used drain in the house. Grease accumulation from soaps and food is the most common problem with these drains. To help ease this problem, be sure to use strainers, and be mindful of what you’re letting down the drain. If you have a garbage disposal, don’t overload it, and wash any particles away with plenty of cold water. If you have an old or cheap disposal, then it might be adding to your drain problems, as a less effective disposal will allow more chunks of food to proceed down the drain without grinding it up.

Clogged Showers and Tubs

Standing water or slow-draining tubs are never enjoyable, and typically soap buildup is the culprit. Using a strainer over the drain and regularly cleaning out the hair will help to ease the chance of clogging.

Drain Cleaning Professionals

Bathroom Sink Clogs

These drains typically get clogged by the slow buildup of slime caused by toothpaste and soap accumulation. When brushing your teeth, rinse the toothpaste out with plenty of water, and clean the stopper often.


Clogged Toilets

There are many reasons why a toilet could be backed up, but typically it is a result of the use of too much toilet paper, or an object dropped into the toilet. Keeping the lid down and wiping wisely can help prevent both of these situations.

A slow toilet could be the result of a malfunctioning toilet, in which case a repair or replacement may be in order.

If you are having toilet stoppage, it could either be one of the above situations, or the main drain could be clogged. If you see standing water in tubs or showers, then you can confirm that it is a main drain stoppage, especially if the toilet closest to the main sewer line is the first to back up. If this happens, stop your water usage, and call Inland Empire Plumbing immediately, so they can repair the problem quickly and efficiently.

Main Sewer Stoppage

The main sewer is the drain that takes waste water from your house to the street’s sewer tap. This is the most serious of the mentioned stoppages and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. The symptoms are the same as the toilet stoppage signs mentioned above. If you’re on a private septic system, then the issue could be in your tank or drain-field as well.

No matter the drain issue, we’re here 24/7/365 to help you fix it!

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